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  • burn more calories

introducing a beautiful exercise platform


     Add Variety, Intensity & Fun to Every Workout with an Exercise Step

    Change the height of your exercise platform for a different workout every day.

    Try different styles of exercise to keep your fitness routine fun and interesting.

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    Anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular endurance and burn more calories at the same time.

    Anyone who has a goal of sculpting, toning and defining their muscles.

    Anyone who loves doing compound movements that combine cardiovascular exercises with resistance training.

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    Here's what our customers are saying about our aerobic step

    Why Use an Exercise Platform?

    Let me show you a few reasons...

    How our aerobic step is special-One Strong Southern Girl Shop

    What Makes Our Exercise Step Special

    Professional length and width that easily accommodates all exercise styles.

    Special attention to safety details--nonskid rubber attachments that will keep your floors scratch-free and your step in place, a soft non-slip surface that's gentle on hands and feet and risers that are crafted to fit together perfectly.


    To giving you options in your fitness tools designed with a woman in mind.  To excellent customer service.  To a quality product that you'll love and that we stand behind.  To helping you look forward to your next workout.  

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